Cardio Training

Boost Your Heart Health with Cardio Training at Premier Athletic Club!


Rev up your heart rate with cardio training at Premier Athletic Club gym in Montrose, New York. An essential workout for every exercise routine, aerobics is a must for every weight loss program.

Our Cardio Fitness Center offers equipment to help you boost your metabolism, burn calories and tone muscles as you work out on our selection of cardio equipment.


The single station aerobic equipment at our fitness center allows you to work at your own speed. Whether you prefer a low-impact workout at a gentle glide – or a pulse-pounding high intensity run – you select what’s best for your fitness level and goals.



The Cardio Fitness Center is also equipped with televisions for your entertainment while you exercise. Try us out with a trial membership and you’ll see for yourself – cardio training at Premier Athletic Club is irresistible!