Swimming Lessons

Swimming Instructions for Children of All Ages.

Premier Athletic Club offers children’s swim lessons all year long, taught by certified water safety instructors in private, semi-private and group settings. Most group sessions are eight weeks and are open to the public. Summer group lessons are shorter and priced accordingly. Members receive a discount for fee-based programs.
Parent & Child Aquatics
For ages 6 months – 5 years. Parents and children explore water activities through games and song, and parents learn skills to help their children adjust to the water environment. Pre-school and Youth Classes LEVEL 1 Introduction to Water Skills | Ages 3-5 years or 5-7years  | No prerequisites
Students become acquainted with the water environment with basic floating, breath control and elementary aquatic skills.LEVEL 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills | ages 5-7 years  | Must have completed LEVEL 1 OR be evaluated
Students learn front and back floating and recovering as well as alternating arm and leg action without support.LEVEL 3 Stroke Development | Ages 7-10 years  | Must have completed LEVEL 2 OR be evaluated
Students build on skills and learn to coordinate the front and back crawl. Elements of butterfly and breaststroke are introduced.LEVEL 4 Stroke Improvement | Ages 7-10 years | Must have completed LEVEL 3 OR be evaluated.
Students will increase endurance on known strokes, and put together the butterfly and breaststroke. They begin working on elementary backstroke and sidestroke.LEVEL 5 and 6 Stroke Refinement | Ages 8–14 years | Must have completed LEVEL 4 OR be evaluated.
Strokes will be refined, and elements of competitive swimming are incorporated — such as longer distances, flip turns and starts.

Whether you’re getting ready for the summer or employment, Premier Athletic Club is the place to go for water safety. Our health club offers certification classes in Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instruction (WSI), CPR, First Aid, and more.
For more information about all of the children’s swimming and water safety classes offered at our Montrose fitness center, call (914) 739-7755.