Exercise Classes for Everyone

Come Sweat It Out in a Group Class!

From low impact to high intensity, our gym in Montrose has a class for you!

Enjoy an energetic group environment as you work out in pulse-pounding Les Mills classes or party to the Latin dance beat of Zumba. Stretch your muscles and relax your mind with yoga or pedal away the pounds in group cycling.

Aqua Fitness Classes

Aquatic exercise is a great workout, and because of water’s resistance, you’ll burn calories, tone muscles and ramp up your heart rate. The good news is that the buoyancy of water is gentler on the joints than an impactful workout on the gym floor.

Low-impact aqua fitness classes at our Montrose health club include:

  • Aqua Zumba – cardio dance fun in the water
  • Cardio Jam – traditional aquatic exercise that revs your heart to burn calories
  • Cardio Wave – low impact exercise on both the shallow and deep ends of the pool
  • Deep Intervals – for intermediate and advanced, high intensity intervals combine with lower intensity “rest” periods
  • FITTness Training – a high energy class with the F.I.T.T. principles of frequency, intensity, time and tempo
  • Wellness Mind & Body – a healing class to help you relax, clear your mind and tune into your body