Functional Training at Montrose Gym

Strengthen Your Core, Condition Your Muscles

The Functional Training Room is a more private space that provides equipment like TRX, kettlebells, resistance bands, plyo boxes, BOSU balls, pullup bars, sleds and much more.  It is designed to help you perform everyday movements with ease and efficiency. From lifting grocery bags to bending down to pick up your kids, a functional training workout will enhance your overall strength and flexibility. Functional training also helps athletes keep muscles and joints strong, flexible, and able to perform with less risk of strain and fatigue. 

This space is available for our members to use on their own as well as small group training and personal training.

Turf – The turf at Premier Athletic Club is rented out for local clubs or leagues to perform their sport of enhance their skills.  When not being rented it is also utilized for our members to play, workout, practice their sport, or just have fun!

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