Personal Training

Personal training at Premier Athletic Club in Montrose is all about you.

A personal trainer is your own individual coach, dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss solution – or a way to re-charge your current fitness routine – a personal trainer will help you:


  • Assess your current fitness level
  • Define your fitness goals
  • Find workouts you’ll enjoy at our health club
  • Learn proper workout form and technique
  • Know the most effective exercise intensity and duration


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At our Montrose health club, the Premier Weight Loss Program is the perfect match to personal training, as it is a unique program tailored to boost your metabolism and propel you to success to find out more!

Get started today with a personal trainer and weight loss program that will help you identify realistic goals and work on a healthier version of yourself!
New members will receive one complimentary personal training session when joining our Montrose gym. For more information, call Premier Athletic Club at (914) 739-7755.