Fight Club

Men's and Women's Fight Club Small Group Training at Premiere Fitness Montrose, NY

Take your workout to a new level with Premier Athletic Club’s Fight Club!

Premier Athletic Club’s Men’s and Women’s fight club is a high calorie burning workout, utilizing a vast variety of high intensity exercises designed to take your workout to a new level. This small group training class consists of boxing, kickboxing, MMA techniques and cardiovascular exercises.

Each class begins with a cardio warm up and stretch routine to get you ready before beginning the 12-round workout. Each round consists of 3 minutes of exercise with a minute of rest in between. This intense combat drill will test your limits helping you build on physical and mental stamina and improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The punching and kicking techniques practiced are an exceptional form of stress release and will help with weight loss, building muscle tone and increasing your fitness level! All skill levels are welcome and each participant can improve at their own pace, no prior fight training needed, only a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps. For more information or to join in a class contact our Montrose Health Club at (914) 739-7755 today!