Boost Your Fitness with Cardio!

Rows of Machines in Our Cardio Fitness Center

Get your heart pumping and your metabolism soaring with cardio training at our gym in Montrose.

Cardio is an essential workout for every exercise routine and a must-have for every weight loss program. You’ll elevate your metabolism, trim and tone muscles, and torch calories with equipment like treadmills, stair climbers, rowers, ellipticals, and more.

Our single station machines allow you to work at your own speed, no matter what fitness level or goals you have. Whether you want a low-impact walk or a high-intensity run, you can set your own pace.

Plus, our Cardio Fitness Center is equipped with TVs to keep you entertained while you sweat.

Energize your exercise and take us for a trial run. Grab a FREE PASS today!