Sports, Junior Tennis, and UTR Elite Tennis Camps

Premier Athletic Club is the ultimate destination for sports and tennis training programs. From our engaging Sports Camps to our Junior Tennis and UTR Elite Tennis camps, we offer a variety of opportunities for children to enhance their skills, engage in friendly competition, and have fun!


This fun in the sun camp is designed for your child to have the most fun possible while making friends and sharpening their athletic skills by utilizing every square inch of Premier Athletic Club’s sports facility!

Turf to the pool, then over to tennis with Coach Leaf, this is the most action-packed summer children ages 5-12 could wish for!


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A more instructional camp focused on moving the dial on your child’s tennis and swimming skills with daily instructional classes. This camp also gives your child a chance to enjoy all Premier Athletic Club has to offer in the gym, on the turf, and on the pickleball courts! All ages over 5 years old are welcome.


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Designed to provide support for those who are currently national and regionally ranked players, we offer a full summer of comprehensive international-level training. We employ a full assessment and goal-setting process, fitness staff, leadership training, and cross-training activities utilizing Premier Athletic Club’s full slate of training facilities.

If you are looking to move from high school to the college ranks, this is a home base that can offer you an unparalleled level of personal support and guidance. Enrollment is very limited and tryout is required.